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While it remains impossible to completely eradicate house dust mites, they can be limited by eviction and hygiene measures.


Ruin the lives of house dust mites…

Dust mites in pillows

  • Reduce the humidity of your home by installing dehumidifiers;
  • Avoid heating bedrooms to more than 18°C;
  • Sanitise their “food supply”: use pillow protectors and anti-dust mite mattresses. Choose a mattress and a slatted base;
  • Eliminate carpets and rugs in favour of hard floors (parquet, lino, etc.);
  • Choose enclosed pieces of furniture such as chests of drawers instead of shelves.


Eradicate as many allergens as possible!

Dust mites in carpets

  • Air all lived-in rooms every day for 30 minutes, even (and especially) in winter;
  • Wash bedding (sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers) at more than 60° C;
  • Every week, vacuum using a high efficiency particulate air grade filter (HEPA 13 or 14);
  • Wash duvets, pillows and blankets once a year.


baby toddler asleep with teddy bear


Top tip:

Put your child’s soft toys and comfort blankets in a bag and place it in the freezer for 24 hours: the house dust mites will not survive in there1.


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