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1 in every 2 cases of allergic rhinitis is due to house dust mites1.


House dust mite allergy is the leading respiratory allergy in Europe2.


There are 50,000 species of house dust mite worldwide – 8 of them are responsible for allergies.


dust allergy in children1 gram of dust houses 2,000 house dust mites!


A mattress can contain 1.5 million house dust mites!


30% of people with allergic rhinitis also have asthma3.


Over 80% of patients report that their allergic rhinitis symptoms have a significant impact on their daily activities.


20% of patients with allergic rhinitis are not satisfied with their current symptomatic treatment 4.


33% of patients with respiratory allergies never receive a specific diagnosis, making optimal treatment and management not possible 5.


32% of patients with a new diagnosis of allergic rhinitis want to be cured from their allergy besides symptomatic relief 6.



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